Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Providers: 11/09/2009-11/14/2009

Renaissance Surgery Center-GA
Technical Conceptions-CO
Alpha Omega Home Health-MI
Allegheny Regional Endoscopy-PA
American Medical Products-TX
Momentum Physical Therapy-CA
HLES of Ohio,Inc.-OH
Wulf Clinic-AR
Wahiawa Rehab Services Inc.-HI
Wainne Valley Physical Therapy-HI
Walpahu Physical Therapy Inc. -HI
Cardiology Associates of Fredericksburg-VA
Sonoran Desert Pathologists Associates-CA
Mountain Empire Surgery Center-TN
X-ray Associated-NM
Dragon Acupuncture & Herb Center
Townhall II-OH
Flying Crane Acupuncture-OR
Harbor Endoscopy Center-WA
Tacoma Digestive Disease Center-WA
Coastal Psychology & Education-MD
Glencor Regional Health Services-TX
Clearview Surgical Center-TX
St. Marina-PT
AJ Physical Therapy-CA
Herap Able Physical Therapy-CA
Larissa Sherr PT-CA
Porter Hospital Inc.-VT
Women's Health Alliance II LLC-GA
Health and Wellness-ID
American Homecare Federation-CT
Diagnostic Clear Sky MRI-TX
Center Adelaide Diagnostic-TX
Berryville Eyecare-AR
GA Urgent Care Alpharetta-GA
Gibson Area Hospital-IL
Northern Indiana Neurological Institute-IN
Concord Pain Consultation Service-NH
Executor Diagnostics LLC-SC
Midwood Endoscopy-CA
CMG Medical Group Inc.-CA
All Customs Corsets, Inc.-FL
Cumberland Anesthesia Group-GA
Hatiesburg Anesthesia-GA
Carolina Anesthesia Group-GA
Crecent Anesthesia Associates-MS
Edgewood Surgical Hospital-PA
Metrolab, Inc-CA
Endoscopy Center of Marin County-CA
Redding Endoscopy Center-CA
ER Quickcare PL-FL
Memphis Sleep Diagnostics-TN
B Greenwald Medical-FL
The Institute of Colorectal Health and Wellness
Advantage Clinic, Inc.-TX
Canton Chiropractic Clinic-TX
Ft. Worth Healthcare-TX
Smith County Healthcare Systems-TX